Christmas Burnout!

Christmas Burnout!

The end of the school term is nearly done! 

I don't know about you but it can't come soon enough. It feels like a very long half term. Christmas is a wonderful time of year but the reality is that we feel overwhelmed and over-stretched. 

We are normally pushing ourselves to our limits balancing all we can so then add in the extra bugs this time of year seems to bring, Christmas shopping, wrapping, card writing, nativities, school parties, other parties, what days you need to take donations in, and all the other social commitments, it can defiantly feel like you are going to burn out!

It's the last thing you want - to get to Christmas day and feel unwell because you have done too much in the lead up to it. 

I think it's fallen nicely this year that we have a week when the children aren't in school before the big day. I am hoping this means time for any bugs to come out and go away before. 

I am planning quiet days with the children in the lead up, plenty of time to relax and still keep them entertained - a very fine balance. 

We love walks - especially at Westonbirt and local parks for cheap activities. This and then coming home for a hot chocolate and Christmas movie is great fun. 

Having a few play dates with friends to make sure you get to have a chat with another adult - because there is only so much you can chat about mine craft and fairies before you need a break!

We will be wrapping gifts for family and writing the cards and finding plenty more crafty activities I am sure. 

What will you be doing before Christmas? 

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