Early Newborn Weeks - Meg's Maternity Nursing

Early Newborn Weeks - Meg's Maternity Nursing

Meg's Maternity Nursing


Having a baby can feel like the most daunting thing ever, especially if you've had little, or no contact with babies your entire life! 👶


Being the youngest of five children I grew up with new nieces and nephews arriving on the scene at regular intervals so there was always a baby around to play with or cuddle! Going on to be a midwife, plus having four children of my own, has definitely contributed to my strong sense of 'home' when I'm around babies and families and I absolutely LOVE being a maternity nurse! 😍


Finding the right support during your pregnancy and in the postnatal period can be critical in getting you off to the best start as a parent🤰🏽 It's so lovely when expectant mums get to see the same midwife all the way through their pregnancy and in the early days with their newborn but sadly this seems to be a rarity under the current crisis within maternity services and this is where my services can help to bridge the gap 🤩
In those early weeks with your newborn when it's quite normal to feel completely overwhelmed, just remember to be in the moment and enjoy all the little things that this honeymoon period has to offer. It's pretty exhausting getting used to looking after a whole new tiny human so be kind to yourself! Here are a few of my Top Tips to help you with your memory making.....
Take lots of photos - capturing all those precious little moments will give you lots to look back on and will stock up your memory bank ❤
Have plenty of skin-to-skin - however you are feeding, this is a lovely way to bond and get to know your baby (see more on my page about all the benefits)❤
Write your birth story - this is a great way to secure the memories from one of your biggest life events (please get in touch if you're feeling sad about the birth and would like to chat it through)🥰
Minimise visitors - certainly in the first few weeks while you are recovering from the birth and getting to know your baby 🤱🏼👨🏽‍🍼
Ask for help - whether it's your mum, neighbour, friend or me....if you need someone to cook tea, do the ironing, mind the baby while you nap, or just to listen while you talk, please ask! 🥰
With 16+ years experience as a midwife and almost 3 years as a maternity nurse I pull all my qualifications and experience together to offer a complete antenatal and postnatal package of holistic care to new families as they are welcoming new babies into their lives.🤱🏼👨🏽‍🍼
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