Money Saving - Buying Pre-loved

Money Saving - Buying Pre-loved

The cost of living crisis is something on everyone's minds currently. Especially the looming energy price rising coming in October which could be even higher than we thought. 

I, like many, am trying to save money as much as possible now knowing that it might become much harder during the winter to pay for things. 

I know that shopping pre-loved helps save money, but I was interested as to how much I could actually save. 

So, thinking of a new baby and some items you would be buying I did some research. 


If I was to buy five vests, three sleep suits, a hooded cardigan, an all in one and a baby hat in 0-3 months it would cost; 

Organic - £172 
Higher End - £171
High Street - £78
Supermarket - £48 

Second Snuggle Pre-loved - £24.95


This shows what a huge difference shopping pre-loved can make to your purse!

These items were not the most expensive or the cheapest, I tried to chose mid range items for each section of shops. 

So shopping second hand can be great fun finding unique items, help the environment and also save money!


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