Categories & Descriptions

How do we describe our items?

The condition of clothing is very subjective and we try and make sure that we fully describe the condition of an item through lots of photos and a description that shows what category we would put it into. We have currently updated descriptions to also include other details about the item, such as adjustable waist or fold over mittens.

We add to the website what we would be happy to put our own children in.

New with/without tags 
Item is brand new. It may still have its tags or they may have been removed but item is unworn.

Excellent preloved condition 
Item is in like new condition, showing very minimal signs of any wear. No flaws.

Very good preloved condition 
Item shows very little signs of wear, minimal fading, no bobble.

Good preloved condition
Item is worn, it may have signs of wear such as wash wear or a small amount of bobbling. Any small marks are disclosed.

Play wear 
Items that may have marks or imperfections. May have lots of wash wear, fade to colour or bobbling.


How do we categorise our items? 

Items are second hand and so sometimes are slightly marked even though everything else about them is in excellent condition. In this case we state, for example, as excellent condition with a mark as shown, and in the photos show the mark so you can decide if the item is for you.

We do this for items we believe it would be a shame to downgrade as everything else about the item is excellent.

Our aim is sustainability, to find new homes for clothing so that it can be loved again instead of heading to landfill!

Please always send us a message if you are unsure about something.



Little preloved floral romper and some baby toys on a flat lay