Fun and Festive Christmas Craft Activities for Children

Fun and Festive Christmas Craft Activities for Children

The holiday season is coming, and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by engaging in creative and festive craft activities with your children? Crafting not only allows kids to explore their creativity but also provides an excellent opportunity for quality family time. Let's explore a variety of Christmas craft activities that will keep your little ones entertained!

1. Hand print Christmas Tree: Start with a simple yet delightful craft that captures the essence of Christmas. Have your child make hand prints on a sheet of green  paper, turn upside down and decorate them with colorful stickers, glitter, and even a star on top. 

2. Salt Dough Ornaments: Salt dough ornaments are a classic Christmas craft that's easy and fun to make. Mix salt, flour, and water to create a dough. Roll it out, use cookie cutters to create various Christmas shapes, and bake them in the oven. Once they've cooled, your kids can paint and decorate their ornaments with festive colors.

3. Lolly Stick Snowflakes: Let it snow with these lolly stick snowflakes! Provide your children with the sticks, glue, and plenty of glitter. They can arrange the sticks in a snowflake pattern and decorate them to their heart's content. Hang these beautiful snowflakes around your home for a winter wonderland feel.

4. Christmas Cards: Encourage your children to spread the joy of the season by making their own Christmas cards. Supply them with blank cards, markers, stickers, and even some family photos. They can get creative, writing heartfelt messages and decorating the cards to send to loved ones.

5. Reindeer Hand print Craft: Transform your child's hand print into a cute reindeer with this craft. Have them paint their hand brown, make a print on paper, and add eyes, antlers, and a red nose. This charming reindeer art makes for an adorable keepsake. You can also make them with footprints!

7. Bead Ornaments: Stringing beads to make ornaments is an excellent activity for developing fine motor skills. Provide your kids with an assortment of colorful beads and pipe cleaners. They can create their unique ornaments by threading beads onto the pipe cleaners and shaping them into stars, candy canes, or any other Christmas shapes.

8. Paper Plate Santa Claus: Turn ordinary paper plates into jolly Santa Claus faces! Your children can paint the plate red and add cotton balls for the beard. Then, use paper to create Santa's hat and eyes. This craft is perfect for decorating your home or even as a gift for grandparents.

9. Paper Strip Christmas Trees: This craft is both simple and fun! Cut strips of green paper in various lengths, and then arrange them to form a Christmas tree shape, stick them to a sheet of paper. Add a yellow paper star on top and let your kids decorate with stickers, glitter, or paint.

10. Hand print Wreaths: Help your toddler create a beautiful hand print wreath by tracing their tiny hands on green construction paper. Cut out the hand prints and assemble them in a circle to form a wreath. Add a ribbon bow and some sparkly decorations for a festive touch.

11.Christmas Sensory Dough: Using our wonderful sensory dough in Leaf Green you can make Christmas trees, see what you can find on a walk that you could decorate these with such as leaves, stones, flowers or pine cones. 

12. Christmas Countdown Calendar: Get your kids excited by making your own Christmas countdown calendar. You can use a large piece of cardboard, cut it into a tree shape, and add numbered pockets for each day in December. Fill each pocket with a small treat or note to count down the days until Christmas. We add things like having a movie night, hot chocolates, making smores or going for a walk to see Christmas lights. 

These Christmas craft activities are not only enjoyable but also provide opportunities for bonding and creating cherished memories with your children. So, gather your crafting supplies, put on some festive music, and let the creative holiday spirit fill your home. Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!



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