Why buy pre-loved?

Why buy pre-loved?

Why should you buy pre-loved?

It saves you money

Children grow so fast and you would be shocked if you worked out how much an item costs you per wear!

It fights fast fashion

Buying secondhand makes a massive difference and you can get some amazing items. The fast fashion industry is the second biggest polluter. By buying pre-loved you are becoming part of the slow fashion revolution!

More variety

When you buy preloved you can explore a whole range of items, things that you are in love with and on trend items without paying top prices.

Its good for the environment

This is something we are all more and more aware of. Buying preloved/second hand is a great first step toward doing your bit. By extending the life of a piece of clothing by 9 months you can reduce carbon,water and waste footprints by up to 30%.


Did you know?

More than two tonnes of clothing are purchased every minute in the UK,that is more than any other country in Europe! 

This weight of clothing would produce around fifty tonnes of carbon emissions (162,000 miles in a car). 

The carbon footprint of new clothes bought in the UK each month is greater than flying a plane around the world 900 times.

One new shirt produces more carbon than driving a car for 35 miles.

It can take 80 years for clothes to break down in landfill. 

2720 litres of water to make a t-shirt, which is how much we drink in 3 years.

(Facts taken from Oxfam)



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